Volk Racing TE37 SL 19"

Volk Racing TE37 SL 19"

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The Volk Racing TE37 by RAYS Engineering is the current line of street and race wheels in various versions. The main line TE37 is the forged aluminum version.

Material is 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. This material is hot forged. 1st forging process is done with pressure of 5,000 kilograms per square centimeter. 2nd forging process is a slow process with 3,500 kilograms per square centimeter.

The lip is also forged to 3,500 kilograms per square centimeter. This allows the wheel to have less material than other wheels, but have more strength and durability.

The wheel's excess material is machined off (to tolerance of 1/100 of a millimeter). Powder coating and clear coating is done by a special proprietary process to ensure long lasting quality and durability.

The weight of Volk Racing TE37 is 8 lbs. for 15 x 6.5 and 16 lbs. for 18 x 8.5. With this kind of lightness and durability, it is no surprise to see that this wheel is a very coveted wheel among enthusiasts.

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