SBD Speed Density Conversion Kit (Retains MAF Sensor)

SBD Speed Density Conversion Kit (Retains MAF Sensor)

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Speed By Design Speed Density Conversion Kit for the R35 GTR. 100% Plug-N-Play.

For those seeking to make more than 700whp (Dynojet) running upgraded turbochargers this is your answer. (Or for those wanting to convert to Vent-to-Atmosphere Blow-Off Valves.)

The factory 5.0 Volt MAF sensors in 3″ aftermarket intake tubing will support roughly 700whp, as which point they are no longer able to meter the increased air volume. Converting to Speed Density Tuning is your answer for higher HP levels than the MAF sensor can support.

Included Dual 4 Bar (for driver + passenger side upper intake manifold MAP sensors) upgrade measures Intake Air Temperature and MAP Pressure, all-in-one.

Conversion Plug-N-Play wiring harness makes installation a breeze. This install takes roughly 5 minutes with a single 10mm Metric Socket needed to swap out sensors.

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