Profi II - 6FH Schroth

Profi II - 6FH Schroth

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Schroth harnesses are the official safety harness of most Formula One teams, the Schroth Profi II - 6FH is one of the lightest and most advanced 6-point harness Formula style systems on the market. The Schroth Profi II 6pt. Formula belt features 2in. polyester webbing on the lap belts with D-rings for sub-straps to pass through, lightweight adjusters, RFR cam lock, and 2in./3in. HANS specific shoulder straps.

The Schroth HANS specific shoulder belts are designed to make HANS use safer and more comfortable. The belts start as 3in. webbing at the cam lock, then after the length adjuster they are 2in. webbing which fits completely on the HANS yoke. This gives you the optimal force distribution, entirely on the surface of the HANS. A standard 3in. belt will work, however some of the load is not distributed on the HANS. This also can be a comfort issue with some of the webbing falling off the HANS.

Schroth's 2in. lap belt's most notable feature is that it rides within the crest of the human pelvis where a 3in. belt would rest on the edges. This allows you to get the belt up to an inch and a half tighter. That means the lap belt will be working earlier in the accident event because it gets loaded faster. It's also more comfortable and easier to adjust because there's less friction through the adjuster.

The Profi II-6FH lap belts feature a combination Adjuster/Bolt-in mounting hardware (B63) at the lap belt for compact usage in tight Formula car seating. SFI 16.1 and FIA approved. Available in red, blue, and black.

    ,6 Point Formula style race belts,
    3in/2in wide HANS specific shoulder straps with quick adjusters,
    2in wide lap belts with D-rings for sub-strap separation,
    Compact integrated 3-bar adjuster and bolt-in end on lap belts,
    Patented RFR lightweight aircraft style camlock,
    FIA Approved only when used with a HANS device.

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