Trinity Autosport provides BMW and Porsche auto diagnostic services for Anaheim, CA and other surrounding areas in Orange County.

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We, Trinity Autosport, are an auto service repair shop located in Anaheim, CA. Our highly experienced technicians perform precise BMW and Porsche diagnostic services to assure the correct service is provided the first time.

We maintain current error code information for BMW and Porsche, which pinpoint corrective measures to be taken and eliminate costly and unnecessary repairs.

Today’s BMWs and Porsches have complex systems with sophisticated electronic controls. It is important to receive the correct services for your vehicle in order to maintain peak performance, safety, and reliability. Our computer-based diagnostic system assures just that.

If your Check Engine light goes on do not panic --this is just your BMW or Porsche’s way of telling you there might be a problem. Sometimes the problem is as simple as a loose cap, but other times it could be more serious. A serious problem could get worse over time, even if your car seems to be driving normally. If your Check Engine light goes on call Trinity Autosport today and get it fixed! (714) 914-4446.

What Our Customers Say

BMW Repair received 5 stars based on 39 reviews on Yelp.

Sarah J.

trinity autosport reviews anaheim ca

“These guys made my life so much easier! It's hard for girls to find automotive repair that's not intimidating and cumbersome. But Josh and Joe definitely reassured me that I was in the right place.I'm from Alabama and not too familiar with this area but other positive reviews led me here and I can see why. They handle jobs small to large for American and foreign cars. My job was small and probably such a pain in the ass, but they didn't seem to think so at all!..” Read More..

Kris C.

trinity autosport reviews anaheim ca

“I own a 2007 BMW 335ci that had a service engine soon light on. With only 82ish thousand miles on it, it needed a water pump, thermostat, and coolant service. I called several places in the area, and after speaking with Joe, came to the conclusion that Trinity was the place for us. Most shops were within a close ballpark $ estimate, but ultimately this place was the most affordable with the good reviews to back it up. Upon calling..."Read More..

Richard K.

trinity autosport reviews anaheim ca


Before I knew any better, I just took my car to the cheapest place possible. In no time, my alignment was messed-up, my car started creaking, and the electrical was beyond screwed-up. I was fed-up... I needed to take my car to professionals that knew what they were doing. Through a friend's recommendation, I went to Trinity. Where have you been all my life?!?!?! THANK GOD...."Read More..

Sam P.

trinity autosport reviews anaheim ca

"My 2013 f10 m5 was in dire need of some maintenance work as well as a few repairs. The local BMW dealership in Buena Park quoted me a ridiculous amount. I called trinity and had them review what was needed to my car. I had rear brakes changed and replaced rear tires for 2 new rear Michelin super sport tires, parking sensor fixed, rear tail light replaced. My baby is running smoothly again. Repairs were completed.."Read More..

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