BMW and Porsche Auto Diagnostic

Trinity Autosport provides BMW and Porsche auto diagnostic services for Anaheim, CA and other surrounding areas in Orange County.

bmw and porsche auto diagnostic anaheim ca

We, Trinity Autosport, are an auto service repair shop located in Anaheim, CA. Our highly experienced technicians perform precise BMW and Porsche diagnostic services to assure the correct service is provided the first time.

We maintain current error code information for BMW and Porsche, which pinpoint corrective measures to be taken and eliminate costly and unnecessary repairs.

Today’s BMW's and Porsche's have complex systems with sophisticated electronic controls. It is important to receive the correct services for your vehicle in order to maintain peak performance, safety, and reliability. Our computer-based diagnostic system assures just that.

If your Check Engine light goes on do not panic --this is just your BMW or Porsche’s way of telling you there might be a problem. Sometimes the problem is as simple as a loose cap, but other times it could be more serious. A serious problem could get worse over time, even if your car seems to be driving normally. If your Check Engine light goes on call Trinity Autosport today and get it fixed! (714) 914-4446.

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