Lucas Fab 987.1 Cayman Cat-Back Sport Exhaust

Lucas Fab 987.1 Cayman Cat-Back Sport Exhaust

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Brand:Lucas Fab
Product Code: P87CBSE.1

The LFI 987.1 Cayman Cat-Back Sport Exhaust is a complete exhaust system that mounts to the OEM headers. This system is was an in-house, ground-up unique design that is fully TIG (G.T.A.W) welded, back purged and constructed with mandrel bent domestic grade 304 stainless. Each exhaust features the LFI patented merge cross over X-Pipe for improved sound and utilizes handmade lightweight LFI mufflers. The exhaust adds an aggressive aesthetics with the LFI step rolled 82mm tips.

This exhaust was developed for Cayman track enthusiasts looking for an aggressive motorsport sounding system that delivers power and reduces weight. The LIF Cayman exhaust has been engineered to shed 33 pounds over the factory set up. This system delivers XX HP and XX Torque at the wheels.

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