987.2 exhaust If you stick with your 987.2 (2009-2012) Porsche's factory package, you are putting invisible chains around your engine. Your Porsche has much more potential but it is being stored deep within the engine compartment. Manufactures of vehicles install an inexpensive exhaust solution to stick to their budget. If you want to push your vehicle into a high-performance territory then you need to install a performance exhaust system. Some of the benefits you gain from installing an exhaust system is horsepower, sound, and fuel mileage. Get a new performance exhaust system here at Trinity Autosport.

987.2 Cayman Cat-Back Sport Exhaust


The LFI 987.2 Cayman Cat-Back Sport Exhaust is a complete exhaust system that mounts to the OEM hea..

987.2 Cayman Full Race ELSP Exhaust


The LFI 987.1 Cat-less “Equal-Length Stepped Primary” Full Race exhaust system is designed for comp..

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